dmn case study

DMN TRANSPORT - Social media communication strategy

The Story:

DMN Transport is logistic solutions company based in USA. Their expertise is in professional freight delivery service. 


There is quite a lot of similar companies which are providing services as DMN Transport. However, main problem in the market is shortage of truck drives. Therefore, client approached to us to establish a creative idea how to hire more truck drivers using social media networks thoughtout the States.


Introduce a creative and different from generic approach to hire potential truck drivers throughout all the states of America.


Our approach that we took was to crate a path of memories that truckers could follow driving everyday. So the idea was to differentiate creatives by introducing every state most visited or most truck friendly places which would create an emotion and establish a connection between state resident and its capabilities of visiting presented attractions with trucks provided by DMN Transport company. – Complete digital marketing package: Website, SEO, Social

The Story: is international distributor and wholesaler of BMW car parts. Starting from BMW original carpets to M performance detailing parts.


New website and domain wich has resulted in low traffic and lost positions in Google Search Console therefore no conversion volume.


Gain new positions by building SEO strategy around homepage traffic and introduce new channel of sales – Facebook Ads.


We have optimized website for better user experience and faster response. Implement SEO homepage backlink campaign on lower difficulty keywords. Having a decent amount of traffic we started implementing Sales Funnel which was built on Social Media: Facebook and Instagram by combining 3 different user groups excluding SEO built and direct traffic.


FELPUDI - Ecommerce web merkating strategy

The Story:

Felpudi is unique doormaths selling company in Lithuania. Bussiness they do is only by e-commerce.


Low ROI and high CPC for running advertisments especially through some of the weeks which are not diffentiated in some special way.


Introduce a new marketing funnel by adjusting to cold audiences.


We have optimized their marketing and later remarketing funnel also by implementing different PPC channels. Especially the second channel Google Ads has resulted in outstanding results such as ROAS of 260%.


We are a small international team based company which specializes in e-Commerce businesses scalling all over the world. We balance efficency with creativity to the results we are proud to show. We work extremely flexible and treat our clients as parterns in order to achieve the most highest possible result in between.
Web Development

Web development based on user journeys and experience Our digital designs are tailored towards mechanical as well as human success.


A no secrets policy, our exact SEO ranking process is an open book. Simply, we apply our SEO strategies as a backbone for organic business grow.

Facebook and Instagram Ads Strategies and Management

Facebook and Instagram media buying strategies with cost-efficient content and highest possible ROAS.

Google Ads

Effective Google Ads campaigns via different channels. PPC approach is for potential customers looking only information about your product or service.

Conversion Rate optimization (CRO)

Testing for Conversion Optimization - processes based solely on data and testing. The CRO is not a place for "we think it should work" argument. Based on the data, we analyze user experience, which allows us to identify critical points where shopping stops before making a purchase decision. Following this analysis, we identify the design and web changes needed to improve the user experience. Then we start A / B testing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing contributes a huge part towards eCommerce success. To create long lasting relationships between a brand and customer email marketing is a must service to have.

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